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Bail Bond Experience

Just because a person has a license to write bail, it does not mean they have the experience or knowledge to do so properly or in a way that best fits your needs.


There are many bail scenarios that occur every day and each different from the next. If an agent is not familiar with New Jersey Law, arrest procedures, jail release requirements and court procedures, chances are you will be misinformed or mislead.  


Being in the business for more than 12 years we at AAA BAIL PROFESSIONALS of NEW JERSEY pride ourselves at being the best in the business when it comes to knowledge, experience and dedication to get the job done .


AAA BAIL PROFESSIONALS of New Jersey prides ourselves in having more knowledge then many, if not all the other Bondsmen. We take Bail seriously. Our knowledge stems from a bank of over 190 combined years*of experience. We, although not lawyers have the experience and expertise in resolving many bail related matters.


Why do we educate ourselves far beyond the New Jersey state Required 10 hours?


We are also placed at financial risk with you. That's right, when we undertake a bond we are at greater risk then the signer. Why wouldn't we want to be the most knowledgeable?


Better yet why isn't our competition?

Perhaps they are not at risk. There are many types of bond agencies, Full Risk, 1/2 Risk, & No Risk. If an agent writes a bond and has no risk he has no worries. An agent With 1/2 risk has an outside party approving his bond.


With Full Risk We are going to evaluate the bail situation and decide if there is enough integrity to protect you the signer and us the Surety. When we write bail bonds, we look at the entire term of the case, not the hard earned money you laid on the table. We are disciplined and dedicated enough to bail bonds to know it is not about making a few Hundred to lose a few Thousand.


Our knowledge stems from a bank of over 190 combined years of experience.


We, although not lawyers have the experience and expertise in resolving many bail related matters. We have gained this knowledge from 3 Legends in the Bail Bond Industry each with 50 years, one who has recently passed away, one who is actually surety for one of our now competitors and one who we proudly call our National Supervising Agent.


If it were not for these men, we would not be one of the most knowledgeable Bail Bond agencies in New Jersey, if not the Most.


We have the knowledge and ability to competently communicate with the Court and its staff to handle matters as they arise in protecting the bail and the people at risk. We are not lawyers and we do not use our expertise to defend a case. We use it to protect the bail and prevent a worse out of that which would occur if we just wrote bail and told you, you were on your own.


Don't get us wrong there are a few, a very few other bail agents in New Jersey that are as good as we are (way up in North Jersey). But we can guarantee that when we agree to take your bail we will be there every step of the way. If you have a problem having a bail set or there are detainers holding them in jail, including no bail or excessive bail we can not only get the ball rolling by making the contacts you need but are active in the process.


Bail Bonds are about getting out of jail so you can get back to your normal life. Along with this comes the responsibility of returning to court to defend your case. We will be there when a problem arises or a court date is missed.